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Mark your calendars, folks! The February GSD will begin Sunday, February 9th and conclude Saturday, February 15th.

Are you a podfic listener in need of some incentive to comment on all the podfics you've listened to lately? A prospective podfic challenge moderator looking for the time to finally organize that challenge? A podficcer seeking a push to record and/or edit something? Please consider joining us in setting goals, sharing progress, encouraging friends, and Getting Stuff Done. ♥

If you are a LiveJournal user who wishes to participate, you may add this community to your LJ friends list by visiting your syndication page and entering http://podfic-gsd.dreamwidth.org/data/rss as the Feed URL you wish to add. Anon commenting will be allowed when the GSD begins, so you can either comment anonymously or login to Dreamwidth via OpenID. You don't need to be a Dreamwidth user to participate in GSD.


Each month the community will host a GSD Week:

Day 1: Participants will declare their podfic-related goal for the week. This goal may include recording, editing, designing cover art, archiving, posting, organizing challenges, or anything else related to podfic fandom.

Day 2-6: Participants will (optionally) check in daily with a report of their progress. This is a good opportunity to share snippets of works in progress.

Day 7: Participants will declare their total progress for the week and determine whether or not they've met their personal goal.

Everyone is welcome to drop by and encourage participants in their endeavors. ♥