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Welcome to the trail run of the very first [community profile] podfic_gsd! Today everyone should set their personal goals for the week. Tomorrow (and each day after) you will be asked to check in with the progress you’ve made (if any). You will be welcome to share snippets of what you’ve been working on, ask for help if you need it, and participate in mutual cheerleading and encouragement.

Sign up now, if you would like some encouragement and accountability as you:

  • listen to the backlog of podfic you’ve downloaded but haven’t had a chance to enjoy;
  • comment on all those podfics you’ve listened to recently;
  • design the podfic cover art you’ve been putting off;
  • make progress in recording and/or editing podfic;
  • upload and publish finished podfic that has been sitting on your harddrive;
  • complete some archivist duties for the audiofic archive;
  • organize a podfic challenge or incorporate podfic into an existing challenge;
  • aim to make progress on any other type of podfic-related work.

Recording/Editing Podfic Sign-up

General Sign-up

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Each month the community will host a GSD Week:

Day 1: Participants will declare their podfic-related goal for the week. This goal may include recording, editing, designing cover art, archiving, posting, organizing challenges, or anything else related to podfic fandom.

Day 2-6: Participants will (optionally) check in daily with a report of their progress. This is a good opportunity to share snippets of works in progress.

Day 7: Participants will declare their total progress for the week and determine whether or not they've met their personal goal.

Everyone is welcome to drop by and encourage participants in their endeavors. ♥