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I know many of you are participating in Extreme Big Bang, which has rough drafts (60%) due April 13th, so we're definitely due for another GSD before then. Let me know what weeks work best for you!

Obviously non-EBB participants are more than welcome to join the fun too. I know Cakebang will be expecting progress reports of 60% complete submissions by May 15 for anyone interested in being put on the art claims list.

Misery loves company?

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When would you prefer we host the next Podfic GSD?

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March 16-22
2 (28.6%)

March 23-29
6 (85.7%)

March 30-April 5
0 (0.0%)

April 6-12
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Each month the community will host a GSD Week:

Day 1: Participants will declare their podfic-related goal for the week. This goal may include recording, editing, designing cover art, archiving, posting, organizing challenges, or anything else related to podfic fandom.

Day 2-6: Participants will (optionally) check in daily with a report of their progress. This is a good opportunity to share snippets of works in progress.

Day 7: Participants will declare their total progress for the week and determine whether or not they've met their personal goal.

Everyone is welcome to drop by and encourage participants in their endeavors. ♥