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Round 2: March/April GSD - Check-In #3

It's that time again... Time for the third check-in! You have all evening to drop in and let us know what kind of progress you've made since you last checked in (or, if you missed the first two check-ins, since signing up).

Today marks the halfway point. Have you made the kind of progress you hoped for? Are you worried yet?

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jelazakazone: black squid on a variegated red background (Default)

[personal profile] jelazakazone 2014-04-02 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I missed yesterday, somehow!

I recorded one session yesterday for 22 minutes.
Did a whole (little) fic today (16ish minutes). Will hopefully edit it tonight!

YAY for podfic_gsd.
fire_juggler: (Default)

[personal profile] fire_juggler 2014-04-03 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
*frantically waves pompoms* GO TEAM GO!!!! *\o/*
jelazakazone: black squid on a variegated red background (Default)

[personal profile] jelazakazone 2014-04-03 12:52 am (UTC)(link)

is cheered I am about to climb into bed and edit the 16 minute podfic. :D :D Probably won't post it tonight though.

fire_juggler: (Default)

[personal profile] fire_juggler 2014-04-03 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
Recording: Nope! (I reached my goal on Sunday... maybe I'll get to a stretch goal later in the week, but for now, I'm going easy on it).
Editing: Finished about 10 minutes of editing (what is that? a couple thousand words?)
Other Goals:
(1) Post 1 rec to [community profile] podfic_love--DONE!
(2) Leave feedback for at least 2 podfics.--DONE! Left comments for 6 podfics yesterday.
(3) Work a little on Audiofic Archive clean-up, which I have fallen down on recently.--Nothing yet.

Other stuff... Not much, but I did start listening to podfic again after a hiatus! Hurray!!!!!
aethel: (Default)

[personal profile] aethel 2014-04-03 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
So far this week I've completely failed to listen to downloaded podfic, but I did (finally) find a story I want to podfic!
aethel: (Default)

[personal profile] aethel 2014-04-04 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Lying on the floor listening to podfic is my Saturday plan. :)
sisi_rambles: Made by leemarchais (Default)

[personal profile] sisi_rambles 2014-04-03 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
First pass on 2.5K, posted one podfic and listened to one.

I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far.